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5 days ago
The Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Case Prep and Trim Center offers 4 work stations to quickly and easily prepare brass for reloading. The permanent trimming station indexes off the case shoulder to trim shouldered cases from 17 Remington to 460 Weatherby without the use of shell holders. The other 3 stations accept any case preparation accessory with 8-32 threads. The Platinum Case Prep Center includes a VLD chamfering tool, Outside Chamfer Tool, as well as large and small primer pocket uniformers.
32 months ago
OverviewFeaturesSpecifically designed to dry brass after Rotary Tumbling or Ultrasonic cleaningVented trays provide the best airflow to minimize drying timeTop-mounted fan, circulates up to 160°F air to quickly dry the brass inside and out5 removable trays easily dry up to 1,000 pieces of .223 brass in less than 1 hourHeavy Duty 500 watt unit The Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Brass Dryer is a quick, convenient, and efficient system for drying your brass.
33 months ago
The Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Rotary Tumbler delivers a new level of brass cleaning performance. The small stainless pins easily penetrate inside cases and into primer pockets to deliver unbeatable cleaning power. The large volume drum holds up to 1000 pieces of .223 brass and has a molded in rubber lining to protect brass and dampen noise during operation. A built in timer in the base can be set to run from 0 to 3 hours, shutting off automatically. The drum features clear end caps to allow visibility to the brass while tumbling.