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3 months ago
The XR Series is a re-imagined evolution of one of Halos most popular series (the XRT), with a modern look that feels at home in your pack and your hand. Whatever your list of must haves entails, you cant go wrong with an XR. The XR700 keeps things classic yet modern with a gray and black body. Reaching 700 yards with 6x magnification power, it will do the job and then some. Specifications for Halo Laser Range Finder XR700 Series: Maximum Range: 700 yds Additional Features: Ai Technology Compensates For Slope To Target, Scan Mode Allows For Constant Ranging
4 months ago
The Halo XRay Angle Z8X Laser Rangefinder is built for accuracy, reliability, and affordability. It features AI technology (Angle Intelligence) to account for slope to the target, ultimately delivering true horizontal distance to target. Plus, the 6x magnification offers clarity through its maximum range of 800 yards. Dusk/dawn display mode for effective use in virtually any lighting situation. Scan mode lets you see range measurements on multiple targets without reactivating the laser every time. Easy one-handed operation with dual push-button controls. Durable, water-resistant construction.
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