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4 months ago
Instant all-light target acquisition, NO batteries needed! Designed through close collaboration with Israeli Special Forces, the Mepro M21 uses a fiber-optic light-gathering system during the day, and self-powered tritium at night to ensure a bright aiming point around the clock. No fumbling with batteries or switches. Just lightning-quick, both-eyes-open targeting. Recruit yours for LESS! Heads up: Large 30 mm lens for a sweeping field of view Self-illuminating with seamless transition between fiber optic and tritium lighting for true 'round-the-clock targeting
18 months ago
Mako Group Military Self-Powered Day/Night Reflex Sights facilitate quick action and instinctive accurate shooting abilities. MEPRO MOR Reflex Sights from Mako Group is an all-in-one sight that was designed according to the requirements of the Israeli Special Forces. The large 30mm diameter lens provides a large field of view for rapid target acquisition. These Mako Group Red Dot Sights combine the benefits of passive optical red dot sights and dual laser pointers. Features such as these make the MEPRO MOR Reflex Red Dot Sight multi-pupose, multi-activated and ideal for close quarter combat.
20 months ago
The Meprolight Day/Night Self-Powered Red Dot Reflex Weapon Sight MEPRO-M21 provides constant, all-light aiming capability, without the need of a battery supply. Reticle illumination on these Red Dot Sights by Meprolight is achieved by a protected fiber optic light collector system during the day, and by a miniature self-powered tritium light source at night. Night vision compatible, the Meprolight Self Powered Reflex M21 Tactical Sight features a large 30mm diameter lens that provides rapid target acquisition with both eyes open.