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20 months ago
Line up your optic at the perfect height for every shot with the Monstrum Tactical Lockdown Series Adjustable Height Scope Rings! The innovative patent pending adjustable height design allows for optimal placement of your optic based on rifle setup or preferred cheek weld. The rings can be adjusted incrementally via two locking screws from 0.80 of height up to 1.12 inch of height, measured from rail surface to the bottom of the tube.
23 months ago
The Monstrum Tactical scope ring series is built for performance. The extra wide design - 30mm in width with 4 locking screws per ring - provide for maximum lockdown and performance. Built to mount heavy duty optics and to withstand heavy duty rounds, they are guaranteed to hold zero against the heaviest of recoil! 30mm in diameter, the rings are built for use with standard 30mm scope tubes. The Picatinny base is compatible with all Picatinny mounting systems. The torx locking screw system allows for quick yet powerful tightening while protecting from the screws from stripping.