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1 week ago
The Sightmark Ghost Hunter Night Vision Monocular Goggle Kit - 1x24mm SM14070 delivers a high quality image and resolution to light the darkest night for maximum visibility. This NV Monocular from SightMark is equipped with a head mount for comfortable, long-lasting, hands-free operation when the night vision unit is flipped down, and can be flipped up when the monocular is not in use.
2 weeks ago
Detecting objects in total darkness has never been easier, thanks to the signal 340RT digital night vision monocular. An ideal scanning tool for hunting, wildlife observation and security and surveillance, the signal 340RT offers a 330 yard detection range and incredible night time performance due to its high sensitivity 640x480 CMOS sensor and 640x480 LCD display. The 340RT also features an invisible 940nm IR illuminator that produces no glow and built-in video recording with sound, allowing users to take Images and videos undetected.
5 months ago
Order up the Sightmark Photon RT 4.5-9x42 or 4.5-9x42S Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope to get high resolution images in lower light. The 768x576 CMOS sensor has a 40% higher resolution than previous models and is combined with a 640x480 LCD display for high-quality images. Integrated IR illuminator pushes image detection out over 200 yards. Stream Vision and integrated WiFi allow for viewing and recording on your smart device. Plus, you can customize the view to your situation and personal preferences with 6 reticle selections in your choice of 4 colors.
10 months ago
The Sightmark Night Raider™ 2.5x50 night vision riflescope is a universal night optic designed for nighttime hunting and observation. The Night Raider is a passive starlight device, which means it does not require an artificial or IR light source to operate; however, the built-in IR illuminator substantially enhances viewing capabilities, especially in environments of absolute darkness. Adding to its superior functionality, the Night Raider boasts a stabilized power supply that resists recoil and ensures an uninterrupted power supply while shooting.