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10 months ago
Product Highlights - All digital for detection, classification and recovery, day or night - Built using the new FLIR Boson thermal core - Bright, high definition FLCOS display for absolute clarity - Powerful and compact hardware is protected by a robust body - 12 μm pixel pitch and industry leading on-chip video processing - Outstanding image quality in total darkness or in the elements - Versatile and customizable viewing; multiple color palettes - On-board video recording, image capture and storage - Up to 2.5 hours of recording time or up to 1,000 pictures
19 months ago
The FLIR Zeus is a solid-state, stand-alone, long-wave infrared weapon scope. Reliable thermal imaging allows 24/7 mission capability, making day and night engagements possible with a single weapon sight. Ideal for limited-visibility situations, the Zeus allows you to detect targets through snow, dust, smoke, fog, haze, and other atmospheric elements. Two-year warranty. Specifications: Dimensions: 10.2" × 2.9" × 3.3" Focus Range: 5m to infinity Pixel Size: 17 Height of the Scope Axis above Rail: 1.65" Magnification: 1.5x / 1.8x Eye Relief: 45 mm Recoil Resistance: 700 g