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32 months ago
Enhance your hunting experience with the processing power packed in this ATN BinoX-4T 384-2-8x Thermal Binocular. ATN designed these Thermal Imaging with black hot, white hot, and color modes so that you can customize your viewing experience to fit the task at hand. Use this ATN BinoX-4T 384 2-8x Thermal Binocular to record HD video and even simultaneously stream it to other devices via Wi-Fi without any lag. With 16+ hours of continuous battery power, you can spot prey all day in the backcountry without a charge. Stay comfortable with interpupillary adjustment that fits your eye structure.
34 months ago
- Use Day and Night in HD resolution - take your shots in color at high resolution with Binox-HD. No blurry images regardless day or night! - Smart Rangefinder - built in rangefinder allows you to range your target without carrying additional equipment. The rangefinder will calculate the distance of an object from the point you are viewing. - 3D Gyroscope and E-compass - binoculars have a gyroscope built into them. The gyroscope keeps images steady and blur-free. Smart e-compass helps you navigate by pointing to your heading.
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41 months ago
100-014-190WB BinoXS-HD 4-16x Smart Day/Night Binoculars Max Magnification: 4x Description Specs