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4 days ago
EOTech G33 Red Dot Sight Magnifier is a fast and convenient way to get more range out of your professional-grade red dot sight. These EOTech red dot sight accessories use powerful optics to enhance the magnification rate of your red dot of choice by 3x, greatly extending the range and accuracy of your firearm. The G33 magnifier features a new and improved mount over its predecessor, a Switch-to-Side (STS) mount that allows you to quickly engage and disengage the magnifier by flipping it to the side of your firearm.
1 week ago
The new G33 magnifier is shorter and lighter than the G23. It offers a new and improved mount providing faster transitioning from 3x to 1x, tool free azimuth adjustment, larger field of view and an adjustable diopter for improved, more precise focusing. This new G33 is an affordable magnified solution that will transition a fielded HWS into a lethal medium range optic. Superior light transmission and a large field of view helps this magnifier put the competition to shame. This rugged, streamlined optic offers split-second transitioning from CQB to medium range targeting.
8 months ago
The EOTECH G33 with Quick Switch to Side (STS) mount is faster than ever. Just push the magnifier to the side and it will lock securely in that position until you push it back into place for magnified viewing. Vastly improves accuracy at medium range distances. Increases target recognition and identification at greater distances. Achieves extremely rapid transition from Close Quarters Battle to medium range targeting - and back again. Fits all current HWS models for an instant upgrade path.