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2 weeks ago
The Primary Arms 3X Red Dot Magnifier (GEN III) is waterproof and fog resistant. Place the magnifier behind your red dot or holographic reflex sight to instantly magnify the sight picture at 3x power. The integrated diopter provides a fast focus ability to keep the image clear. Azimuth and elevation adjustments keep the dot centered in your field of view. This tough magnifier features a 1-year warranty.
15 months ago
PA3XLER-AD is Primary Arms' toughest, most advanced 3x magnifier ever! Compared to our previous generation 3x magnifier, the Primary Arms "Advanced" 3X Long Eye Relief Red Dot Magnifier weighs less, is smaller overall, and has a slightly wider field of view. With a generous eye relief of over 3 inches, this magnifier's optical clarity beats any magnifier in its price range and competes with magnifiers that cost hundreds more. A quick-adjust eyepiece keeps your red dot sharp, while easy-adjust azimuth and elevation adjustment turrets keep it centered in your field of view.