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4 weeks ago
Description Features: - Green Dot Reflex Optic with integrated Red Laser is two sighting devices in a compact and sleek design. - Unlimited Eye Relief for flexible mounting - 3 MOA Green Dot has five brightness settings. - Green Dot reticle is fully adjustable for Elevation & Windage. - Integrated Red Laser is fully adjustable for Elevation & Windage, indpendant from the Green Dot. - The Green Dot and Red Laser is controled by a single Rheostat Dial. - Low profile side clamp mount, mounts onto virtually any Weaver/Picatinny type rails.
4 weeks ago , by Dealer
NcSTAR 35mm Red/Green/Blue Dot Optic/ Black Scope  This NcStar Scope has LED lights making it safe for your eyes to use. For flexible mounting, this scope is also equipped with unlimited eye relief. The red, blue, and green reticles have three brightness levels with the Rheostat Knob. Also included is a 30mm cantilever weaver/picatinny type mount along with an extra battery and mounting tools. This scope has a black anodized aluminum body for a longer lasting scope.  SPECIFICATIONS: Magnification: 1X Reticle: Dot (Red, Green, and Blue) Dot Size: 3 MOA Objective Lens Size: 35mm
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13 months ago
SPD Solar FlipDot reflex optic features a folding reflex lens assembly, the red dot can be operated via two different power sources (via solar cells or battery), and a modular KPM mounting system (KeyMod/ Picatinny/ M-LOK). The reflex lens can folds flat against the optic body when not in use and the folding lens can be quickly deployed with the press of the ambidextrous side levers. The Solar cells are mounted on top of the reflex sight and will power the red dot whenever there is sufficient sun light on the solar cells. The red dot automatically turns on, when there is sufficient sun light.
14 months ago
Product Features NEW TAN colored Optic Body Color! We now have an Optic to match your Tan & FDE firearms! LED (Light Emitting Diode) 100% Safe for the Eyes Unlimited Eye Relief for flexible mounting Rheostat Knob with Three Brightness Levels for each of the Red, Green, and Blue Dot reticles Includes TAN color 30mm Cantilever weaver/ Picatinny type Mount Black Ocular and Objective Flip-Up Lens Covers for a nice contrasting look! Black Ocular and Objective Flip-Up Lens Covers for a nice contrasting look! Powered by 3 Volt Lithium Batteries (CR2032) included
15 months ago , by Dealer
Best Selling Products of the Week and Sign up for Daily Newsletter NcStar Safari Scope 1.5-6x42 Dot Reticle Green High Resolution Glass for Excellent Performance in a variety of conditions. Fully Multi Coated Optics for Optimum Clarity. Glass Etched Reticle with Red and Green illumination, with 5 levels of brightness settings for each color. Available magnifications: 1.1-4x24, 1.5-6x42, or 2.5-10x50. Available Reticles: Dot-Plex & Cross-Plex 30mm One-piece main tube.
26 months ago
Official Product of Global Sportsman Tactical Gear. Combat Military Four 4 Separate Reticle 7 Brightness Settings Red Dot Tubeless Open Reflex Design Sight with Weaver-Picatinny Rail Base Mount. 4 Different Reticle Designs for every Tactical Solution. 7 Brightness Settings. Tubeless Design. 1x Magnification. Objective (mm)-24x34. Unlimited Eye Relief. Multi-Coated Lens. Black Finish. Windage & Elevation Adjustments. Weight-4.2oz. Length-3.25". Wide Sharp Field of View. Weaver-Picatinny Rail BAse-Great For Rifles-Shotguns or Any Weapon with A Weaver-Picatinny Rail.