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25 months ago
Mueller Optics 8.5-25x 50mm Eraticator Red Dot Rifle Scope has become very popular among rimfire shooters. This is due to the short range focusing capabilities and will focus down to a minimum of 15 yds. The Mueller Optics Rifle Scope features a micro-fine crosshair with illuminated micro-dot. The reticle was designed by Mueller Optics for long range shots on small targets such as prairie dogs but can also be used for long range big game hunting. The design of the micro-fine cross hair will eliminate the possibility of the the hairs covering the target at longer ranges.
28 months ago
The Mueller Optical 1x22x33mm Quick Shot Waterproof Red Dot Scope is an advanced adjustable optic that puts the power of your aiming solution right into your hands. These Red Dot Sights by Mueller Optics are outfitted with 2 built-in sensors that detect your current lighting conditions to automatically adjust the brightness of your reticle to properly match your surroundings. As durable as can be, the Mueller Quick Shot 1x22x33 Red Dot Sight is waterproof and shockproof to handle extreme weather conditions and tough recoil. You can also choose from 4 different red dot sizes to fit your needs.