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1 week ago
The TRYBE Optics 3-18x50mm HIPO First Focal Plane 30mm Tube Rifle Scope was built to function as the best rifle scope for anybody in need of a high quality enhancement for their gun. Manufactured by using exceptionally dependable materials, these Rifle Scopes through the optics professionals at TRYBE Optics provides you with a great deal of efficient and reliable service.
2 months ago
Amplify the magnification level of your current optic by using the TRYBE Optics Enhancer™ - Magnification Doubler w/ Scope Mount. These Rifle Scope Accessories developed by the minds at TRYBE Optics double the zoom capabilities of your scope. That means a 1-4x optic becomes a 2-8x optic, a 1-8x optic becomes a 2-16x, and so on.
5 months ago
Capture speed to shot never before possible utilizing heads-up distance information displayed in your Rifle Scope's field of view! Our L.E.O. (Low-power Enhanced Optic) 1-8x24 Rifle Scope integrates an Internal Display (ID) that shares sensor information via USB connection from ID-compatible devices like our DiMA1000 laser rangefinder onto the viewing screen, allowing the shooter to stay on target and in comfortable shooting position while a simple eye movement helps facilitate a firing solution with unprecedented quickness to target.Our TRYBE OPTICS L.E.O.