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15 months ago
Get the vintage look you've been searching for with modern, up to date features, look no further than the Leatherwood M40 USMC 3-9x40mm WP Riflescope Replica. Reminiscent of Vietnam War era Marine Corp scope design, these Riflescopes developed by Leatherwood/HI-LUX incorporate an Auto-Ranging System that can accurately range from 200 to 600 yards with its etched glass yardage ranging scale.
19 months ago
The Phenom series is Hi-Lux Optics first foray into precision long range rifle scopes. Specifically designed for the committed precision shooting, tactical and law enforcement communities, the Phenom 5-30X utilizes the CW-3 reticle. The CW-3 reticle enables the operator to quickly place follow up shots by tracking the first shot using the various reticle subtensions. As the Phenom 5-30X is a 1st Focal Plane scope, the CW-3 reticle can be used at all magnifications. By utilizing the Christmas tree portion of the reticle, all windage holdovers can be made on by holding over.