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1 month ago
Leatherwood / Leatherwood/Hi-Lux Optics 4-16x50 ATR Top-Angle Professional 30mm Series Riflescopes are loaded with the outstanding features that distinguish a fine rifle scope from simply good sporting rifle-scope optics. Leatherwood / HiLux Optics ATR Top Angle Professional 4x - 16x 50mm Riflescope features a big and bright DiamondTuff fully multi-coated 50mm lenses. Leather Wood / Hi Lux Optics Professional ATR Top Angle Focus Rifle-Scope offers Leatherwood own invented Top-Angle parallax adjustment and positive Fast Focus large diameter ocular lens.
6 months ago
With its innovative and highly versatile design, the Hi-Lux Leatherwood ART M1200-XLR Scope offers the ideal combination of performance, precision, and power. It's engineered specifically for the Xtreme Long Range (XLR) shooter/hunter, with a 6-24x50mm magnification that can quickly and accurately place shots of 1000m or longer. The featured CAMputer system the most advanced ART (Automatic Ranging and Trajectory) system currently available. It automatically keeps hits in the center of mass from 300 to 1200m (or within the capability of the bullet and load).
65 months ago
Leatherwood CMR Series Hi-Lux 1-4x24 Riflescope is the rifle scope you need when the shooting situation becomes up close and personal. The CMR Hi-Lux 14x24 Riflescope was designedimage and built by Leatherwood specifically for tactical or recreational shooting. The Leatherwood 1x-4x Hi-Lux Close Medium Range Rifle Scope uses a relatively short 30mm riflescope tube that won't add a lot of weight to your rifle. The multi-coated optics and large diameter scope tube increases light transmission by allowing more light in to give you a brighter image and sharper target.