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1 week ago
The Strike Industries Adjustable Scope Mount (ASM) combines different eye relief options into one scope mount. The ASM can be set to one of four (4) Standard, Extended, Intermediate Extended and Hyper Extended positions. The ASM is CNC machined from 7250 aluminum and hard anodized in black. 7250 aluminum excels in applications requiring lightweight and high strength. Intended for use with Picatinny rail section rifles.
5 months ago
The Sidewinder 2 is the next evolution of our wildly successful Sidewinder back-up iron sights. After receiving feedback from competition shooters and military personnel in the field, the sights have been upgraded to easily handle not only 5.56 but larger calibers as well as harsher environments. Keeping our same design concept, the Sidewinders offer the on the go option for 45 degree offset or traditional in line capabilities – all in one package.
7 months ago , by Dealer
The Glock pistol is legendary in its reliability, durability, and utility. However, the stock sights leave much to be desired. While there are many options on the market to service this need, we at Strike Industries have a unique approach to bring additional value to you. We all have different preferences and requirements when it comes to how we set up our gear. With the easily interchangeable sight inserts, you can tailor our sight to what best suits your shooting style.