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26 months ago
In natural moonlight and starlight, radiation in the infrared spectrum prevails. New electronic components and advanced firmware enabled gives a two fold increase of nighttime sensitivity, which allows operation of the Sightline in twilight and nighttime with minimal external illumination. From the push of the power button to full operation, the Sightline features an ultra fast 3.5 second startup time, one of the fastest in its class.
79 months ago
The Yukon Tracker 2x24 night vision binocular allows for incredibly detailed observation ability under the darkness of night. The Tracker provides clear viewing in total darkness by utilizing a built-in IR infrared illuminator; when in use the illuminator emits a pulsing frequency that is so energy efficient it creates less battery drainage and prolongs battery life. The ergonomically designed rubberized body is surprisingly lightweight and can be taken on long expeditions both easily and comfortably.
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