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2 months ago
1820H OSS_RAD45 An extremely rugged suppressor the HX-QD 556 is built with proven Flow-Through technology delivers hearing safe mid-130s dB performance has no barrel length restrictions is full-auto rated and easily passes the USSOCOM Reliability Stress Test Pricing Unit EA Model RAD 45 UPC 706433763290 SKU 1820H Width 3.2000 Length 10.7000 Height 3.0000 Weight 0.8500 Caliber .45 ACP/Auto Accessories .578-28 piston Type Suppressor
34 months ago
Lightweight and modular, the RAD 45 is built with our next generation Flow-Baffle technology, substantially reducing gas blowback while maintaining superior pistol performance. You'll feel the difference the first time you shoot. OSS's innovative Flow-Baffle design is based on our patented and proven Flow-Through technology. Flow-Baffles direct expanding gas away from the bore-line, and radial grooves route them forward through the suppressor and away from the shooter. RAD 45 Long / short configuration specs: Length: 8.6" / 6.4" Weight: 10.3 oz. / 7.6 oz.