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1 week ago
The Colt LE6933-EPRCK Upper Assembly is used on the LE6933-EPR and R0933-EPR Commando Enhanced Patrol Rifles. This upper receiver allows for a free-floated barrel and also features a full-length Centurion MLOK Handguard. The barrel is Colt's standard 11.5" chrome lined M4 barrel with an A2 flash hider up front. SPECIFICATIONS - 11.5-Inch 1/7 twist Mil-Spec chrome lined MP tested barrel - Unique direct gas operating system eliminates the conventional operating rod and results in fewer and lighter components
3 months ago
Rapid response, maneuverability, and enhanced firepower play a major part in joint and coalition operations in modern warfare. Colt’s M4 Commando carbines epitomize modern warfare’s emphasis on “Get In and Get Out”. They were designed to exploit firepower capability in confined spaces where lightweight mobility, speed and violence of action rule.