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3 days ago
Description The SilencerCo Sparrow 22 caliber silencer is suited to accommodate multi-calibers from .22LR to 5.7×28. One of the biggest issues with silencers is when it comes time to clean them. A ton of silencers on the market today have baffles that have to be removed by twisting the outer tube around the baffles and/or sliding off the outer tube. Rimfire cartridges throw out a lot of lead and carbon debris which adhere to the inner walls of the suppressor and fill the spaces between the baffles and the outer tube. Rated Calibers: - 22 LR - 17 WSM - 17 HMR - 22 MAG - 22 WMR
2 weeks ago
- MFG: SilencerCo - MFG MDL: SU1504 - UPC: 817272016680 - TYPE: Suppressor - MDL: Osprey Micro - CALIBER: 17HMR/22LR/MAG/HORNET - LENGTH: 4.65" - CAN DISASSEMBLE: Yes - FINISH: Black Oxide - MUZZLE AVERAGE dB: 112.4 dB@4.6"/127 dB@3" - CONSTRUCTION: Alloy Steel, 17-4 PH SS - ATTACH METHOD: Direct Thread - THREAD PATTERN: 1/2-28 - Multi-Caliber Rated - Modular/Configurable 3" - 4.6" - WT: 6.1 oz UPC#: 817272016680
1 month ago
SWR created the Warlock II for maximum sound suppression in a lightweight aluminum package. The Warlock II has minimal first round pop for optimal discretion. Be it a clandestine operation or plinking, this 22 suppressor will ensure quiet success. Caliber .22lr Lenght 6'' Diameter 1'' Weight 3 oz. Finish Hard Coat Anodized MATERIAL Baffles/end caps 7075 T6 Aluminum Tube 6061 T6 Aluminum Thread Mount 17-4 Stainless Steel Decibels Of Reduction 41
2 months ago
The 22Sparrow is the first silencer in the world to offer the patent pending Multi Part Containment (MPC) technology, which allows the 22Sparrow to be easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance after heavy use. Because the .22 LR round is not copper jacketed, molten lead and carbon debris will explode into the silencer when the projectile exits the muzzle. After some time, it is possible for a .22 suppressor to fill completely with lead and become heavy and ineffective. To avoid this issue, .22 silencers must be disassembled for cleaning and regular maintenance.
3 months ago
Name : Hybrid Multi Caliber Silencer Desc : Model : Hybrid Model # : SU1532 Manufacturer : SilencerCo Caliber : 45 Caliber Type : NFA - Silencer Finish : Grey Cerakote Length : 7.8" Magazine : / Weight : 12.2 oz Calibers: 9mm - .45-70 Govt Diameter: 1.565" Weight: 13.8 oz (with direct thread mount) Finish: Grey cerakote Muzzle average: 9mm: 125.7 dB .45 ACP: 130.4 dB .300 BLK: 123.7 dB .458 Socom: 138.3: dB .45-70 GOV: 140.5dB
4 months ago
Silencerco Saker is the most advanced rifle suppressor on the market today. It has an interchageable front cap. 30% stronger than inconel. The baffle system is Hoflon (patent pending)cuts down baffle erosion by 90%. Mount sold seperately. Does not come with a mount. ALL NFA RULES APPLY Caliber: 5.56mm Length: 6.758" Sound Reduction: 32-34 db Mount: No Mount Weight: 18.02 oz Diameter: 1.5"
6 months ago
The Saker features the unique MAAD cap for user adaptability, including the standoff/rebar cutter, and the effective and compact flash hider front cap. The Patent pending Trifecta MAAD mount and Trifecta flash hider are the industry’s most superior quick detach mounting system, allowing the user one hand operation. Saker baffles are made from Stellite™ which has never been offered in silencers and is approximately 30% stronger than Inconel®. The Saker has several patent pending technologies that place it leagues above its competition.
9 months ago
OCTANE 9 HD Silencer THE VERSATILE SUPPRESSOR With an aluminum outer tube and high strength Stainless Steel baffles, the Octane 9 HD is compatible with a diverse range of firearms. It pairs with everything from a pistol, to a subsonic rifle, to a submachine gun and even an UZI, making it the most versatile and durable suppressor on the market. CLICK TOGETHER ASSEMBLY (CTA) BAFFLE STACK
9 months ago
Model Salvo 12 UPC 817272011753 SKU SU823 Width 5.65 Length 12.19 Height 4.15 Weight 2.45 Caliber 12 Gauge Color Hard Coat Anodized Description Shotgun Suppressor Finish Hard Coat Anodized Finish/color Hard Coat Anodized Frame Material Aluminum and Stainless Steel Type Suppressor