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8 hours ago
INTEGRA® 15-22 SUPPRESSED UPPER Ultimate sound suppression for the M&P15-22 platform is now possible with the new Gemtech® Integra 15-22. We have expanded the Integra line and created an experience you have to try to believe. The platform uses our whisper quiet G-core technology found in the MIST and brings it to the M&P15-22. The new Gemtech® Integra 15-22 transforms any Smith & Wesson® M&P®15-22 into an integrally suppressed plinker. It will impress everyone at the range by how it looks and sounds. Complete Integrally Suppressed Upper Assembly Charging Handle Bolt Carrier Assembly
1 week ago
Description The GEMTECH DAGGER II is an all Titanium suppressor designed for semi-auto 18″ 300WM precision rifles that you came to love with the original GMT-300WM. The DAGGER II is the every man suppressor, it can be used on all lesser calibers and its extreme strength lends itself to use on 12″ .308 SBRs. This suppressor is held to the exacting SOCOM standards. With the new name comes a new look to include the new GEMTECH logo endcap. Tested To SOCOM Military Standards For Barrels: - 18″ or longer 300WM - 12″ or longer 7.62×51/.308 WIN - 10.3″ or longer 5.56×45/.223
2 weeks ago
100-014-840WB Tundra 9mm Suppressor 1/2x28 Cartridge: 9 mm Luger Threads: 1/2-28 Color: Black Description The Tundra is a dry suppressor, but can also be used with a small amount of coolant for even greater flash and sound reduction. Its light weight and relatively small size makes for a pleasant, accurate shooting experience as compared to nose-heavy suppressors. Dry, it outperforms most of the existing 9mm suppressors of comparable size. Available for 1/2-28 or Metric 13.5x1 LH threads.
2 months ago
The G5 replaces the venerable M4-96D in a shorter, lighter, and more effecient package. It meets the requirements for a suppressor to be quickly attached to and removed from the weapons flash hider without tools. The G5 suppressor meets and exceeds SOCOM requirements in a physically small package that only adds 5.5 inches to the overall weapon system length.
3 months ago
The GEMTECH PATROLMAN is part of our new line of Extreme Duty suppressors these suppressors meet the stringent SOCOM Military standards and are optimized for use on short barreled full auto firearms. The baffle stack has been constructed differently than in the past and an increase in Inconel gives this suppressor its hardcore properties. In addition to the hardcore inside the outside has been updated to include the NEW logo endcap. - Tested To SOCOM Military Standards - Caliber: 5.56mm NATO / .223 - Sound Reduction: 29 dB - Full Auto Rated - Length: 5.7 - Diameter: 1.5 - Weight: 12.3 oz.
4 months ago
Specifications: Length: 7 in. Diameter: 1.5 in. Weight: 21 oz. Finish: Matte Black Oxide Mount: Gemtech Quik-Mount Materials: Titanium, inconel and stainless steel Weapon length is increased by only 5.5 in. All NFA rules apply.
28 months ago , by Dealer
The Gemtech MIST-22 series of Integrally Suppressed 10/22 barrels. Using our patented G-Core™ Technology, we have created a lightweight, easily maintained, and unbelievably quiet package. The MIST-22 and MIST-22TD barrels are a great way to keep your rifle compact without adding the extra length of a standard suppressor. Both barrels use a match grade 22LR chamber. They feature a 1-16" RH Twist for use with commercially available bull barrel stocks, or, specifically engineered for use with the Ruger 10/22 Takedown Rifle (Requires bull barrel style stock/forend for either model).