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14 months ago
Tatang is a tagalog term of address reserved for only the most feared and respected martial artists. In Honor of this proud warrior TRADITION, BLACKHAWK! has made a knife that distills the savage cutting power of the traditional filipino barong into a smaller, more versatile package. When gripped at the rear of the pistol-grip-style, thermoplastic rubber handle, the weight-forward balance of the tatang's black epoxy-coated 1085c tool-steel blade gives it tremendous reach and chopping power.
22 months ago
The multipurpose Gideon Drop Point lets you employ the entire edge of the blade for a variety of cutting chores. Its robust, curved fixed blade is constructed of AUS8A stainless steel with a black Ti Nitride finish and houses two holes in the blade flat for convenient tethering. An additional finger groove in front of the quillon provides additional grip and control. ASIN#: B007NO9ZJ8 Model number#: 15DP00BK
23 months ago
The original Crucible folding knife, designed by noted close-combat expert Kelly McCann, found immediate favor with armed professionals and remains in service worldwide. However, as a premium-quality knife, its price Tag put it out of reach of many military and law enforcement personnel. In response to their requests, BLACKHAWK! manufactured the same exact design, making calculated changes to the blade steel and coating to make it more affordable. The result was the Crucible II.