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  • 300 Blackout
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MPN: 1463
Brand: POF USA
Caliber: 300 Blackout
Capacity: 30
Type: AR Rifles and Pistols

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25 months ago
The POF USA takes the AR-15 platform into the bleeding edge of reliability. The system is built around POF's innovative Gas Piston System. the system adds a level of rugged ness to the AR pistol and also comes with a adjustable gas block for tuning the system to your favorite ammunition. The Pistol comes with an excellent match grade barrel for to help get the most accuracy you can. The pistol also comes with a free float M-LOK handguard for adding of accessories. The lower is ambidextrous which allows for a more comfortable shooting experience no matter your dominate hand.
44 months ago
Renegade Plus Features The Renegade Plus is built off of Patriot's Gen 4 billet lower receiver and Ultimate Bolt Carrier Group. This receiver is completely ambidextrous and includes a flat 3.5 lb match grade trigger with KNS Precision anti-walk pins. Competition ready right out of the box. The magic in the upper receiver is held within our Ultimate Bolt Carrier Group which is high phosphate nickel coated for maximum protection & reliability and features an integrated gas key (no screws required).