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3 months ago
If you thought the Taurus Judge line couldn’t get any better, you have to see this. The Raging Judge shoots the .454 Casull round in addition to delivering the same popular combo revolver of the original Judge models in 45 Colt and 410 Gauge, and packs a giant 6-round cylinder. Besides added capacity, the Raging Judge features the famous red “Raging Bull” backstrap for added cushioning. Manufacturer: Taurus Model: Raging Judge 513 Model Number: 2-513039 Barrel Length: 3" Finish: Stainless Steel Caliber: 454 Casull Grips: Rubber w/Cushioned Insert UPC: 7-25327-60827-1 Capacity: 6
10 months ago
TAURUS RAGING BULL .454 CASULL 5″VR AS 5-SHOT SS RUBBER – Taurus 2454059M Firearms ship within 5-7 business days after order is placed. FEATURES -Matte stainless steel finish -Rubber grips with cushioned insert -5″ barrel length -6 grooves -1:24″ twist -Ported -Large frame -Adjustable rear sight -Patridge front sight -Taurus Security System, Transfer bar safety -5 round capacity Manufacturer: Taurus PROP65WARNINGCODE: A24 NO SALE TO CALIFORNIA: NO SALE TO CALIFORNIA CALIBER: .454 CASULL FRAME DESIGNATION: BARREL FINISH: STAINLESS GRIPS MATERIAL: RUBBER
10 months ago
RAGING BULL 454CAS SS 5 6+1 2-454059M ADJ SGTS/PORTED Action double single action Barrel 5" Finish Matte Stainless Safety Transfer Bar Sights Adjustable Caliber 454 Casull Capacity 6 MPN#: 2454059M UPC#: 725327330103
12 months ago
The Original Raging Bulls are still among America's favorite hunting handguns. Chambering the popular and powerful 454 Casull rounds, the mighty 454 revolvers are built for a lifetime of tough use. Offering award-winning designs in four distinct barrel lengths, these monsters feature a crisp trigger break and smooth pull for accuracy, cushioned grips and factory porting to reduce felt recoil. Dual lockup cylinder, provides stability under extreme chamber pressures. Cushioned insert grip.
40 months ago
Please Note: This is a Taurus Factory Blemished / Refurbished gun. Taurus Blemished / Refurbished guns provide an exceptional value for the money. Most are like new, with only minor cosmetic blemishes. This Taurus Firearm has been factory reconditioned. It continues to carry the exclusive Taurus Functional Lifetime repair policy; however, this unit is no longer under warranty for any cosmetic blemishes or defects.