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2 months ago
Item Condition New Caliber: .45 Colt Weight: 2.3 lbs. Action: Single Action Magazine Capacity: 6 Grips: Checkered Walnut Fitted with U.S.-Made Wolff springs Barrel Length: 3.5" Caliber or Gauge: .45 ACP Pistol Night Sights: No Pistol Optics Ready: No Product Type Handguns UPC 037084992082 MPN 349893
4 months ago
You can depend on it! Lightning fast and reliable, shot after shot—in the world of single action revolvers Uberti's new hand-tuned Cattleman model is truly “the boss,” or El Patrón, as the Vaqueros of the old west would say. The gunsmiths at Uberti have fitted each El Patrón with high-grade, US-manufactured Wolff springs and each revolver has been carefully tested and certified for flawless fit and function. The result is a single-action that is reliable, lighter and faster with a smooth-tuned action.
24 months ago
Lightning fast and reliable, shot after shot, you can depend on Uberti’s hand-tuned Cattleman model. In the world of single-action revolvers, it is truly the boss, or El Patrón, as the Vaqueros of the Old West would say. Uberti’s factory custom-tuned models have… Color case-hardened or stainless steel frames Numbered cylinders Steel backstraps and trigger guards Checkered walnut grips Wide, easy-view front and rear sights
25 months ago
Keeping the solid frame and overall styling of their 1858 percussion revolver, Remington jumped into the cartridge pistol market in 1875 to compete directly against the Colt “Peacemaker.” Outlaws and Old West lawmen alike recognized the sturdy quality of the new Remington; even Frank James carried one for much of his outlaw career. As faithful reproductions, the 1875 Outlaw and Frontier are both available in Frank’s favorite caliber .45 Colt. UPC#: 037084415451
25 months ago , by Dealer
Major George Schofield designed the Top Break as a cavalry pistol. Its efficient, break-open design could be operated with one hand. That made it easy to eject the spent cartridges and reload while on horseback. UPC#: 037084485003
29 months ago
Factory New Uberti's El Patron is a factory-custom single-action revolver that is reliable, lighter and faster with a smooth-tuned action. Uberti fits each El Patron with high-grade, US-manufactured Wolff springs, numbered cylinders, wide EasyView sights, and each revolver has been carefully tested and certified. Specifications Caliber: 45 LC Barrel Length: 5 1/2" Finish: Stainless Weight: 2.3 lbs. Grips: 1-pc Checkered Walnut UPC#: 037084990460 SKU#: 345077 Bud's Item Number#: 411545377
43 months ago
Relive the glory days of the very first large-caliber cartridge revolver! While the Model 1858 (aka New Model Army) was originally designed as a percussion revolver, Remington soon began producing cartridge conversions -- and a new era of large-caliber revolvers was born. This reproduction from Uberti brings the iconic look and top-strap design of the classic Civil War-era Revolver into the modern age. It's great-looking, great-performing, and a lot of fun to shoot. Cowboy action shooters, reenacters, modern-day gunslingers... you can't go wrong with the craftsmanship or performance here.