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3 weeks ago
TraditionsTM Rawhide Single Action .22LR Revolver The Traditions Rawhide Revolver is a fine reproduction of the iconic Colt® Single Action Army…featuring a steel frame, aluminum alloy cylinder, and a transfer bar safety that makes it safer to carry with the hammer resting on a live round. Right now, it's available at an almost unheard-of price, so you can grab a few extra boxes of .22LR and plink to your heart's content.
110 months ago
Turn on any number of hunting shows and you will be sure to see one of Americas Premier Firearm Manufacturers: Traditions Performance Firearms. The reason why Traditions Firearms are so popular with hunters is because their offerings are inherently accurate… which when hunting is vital. Regardless of the hunting you are doing - food or trophy - Traditions Firearms will help you put more game in your freezer and trophies on your wall.