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1 week ago
Traditions Inc 12 1851 Colt Navy-Steel 44 Cal (FR18512) Western expansion in the mid-19th century dictated the U.S. Calvary carry a reliable sidearm designed for the times. This fine reproduction of the repeater Colt captures the original design. The authenticity is precise, from walnut grips to color case-hardened loading lever. Its cylinder carries the same engraving pattern as the original design. SPECIFICATIONS: Grips:Walnut Caliber:.44 Barrel:Blued Octagonal Barrel Length:7-1/2" Action:Single Trigger guard:Brass Weight: 2 lbs. 8 ozs.
5 months ago
Recognized as a mainstay of the Union Army, the 1860 was as powerful as it was popular. Considered a trophy on the battlefields of the Civil War, this gun saw much use on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line. Today, that legend lives on with this faithful reproduction made by Traditions. Crafted to the same high standards established during its original manufacture, it is authentic in every detail from the 8" barrel to the blued steel frame. Truly a must-have for every Civil War buff and black powder collector!