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28 months ago
Union Army soldiers relied on many different types of sidearms for short range and close quarters combat. The revolver was unique in that it had the ability to fire several rounds per minute before having to reload. Revolvers were typically issued to officers and mounted soldiers, however some were purchased privately or found on the battlefield by infantrymen. Mfg Part# FRS18511
42 months ago
Recognized as a mainstay of the Union Army, the 1860 was as powerful as it was popular. Considered a trophy on the battlefields of the Civil War, this gun saw much use on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line. Today, that legend lives on with this faithful reproduction made by Traditions. Crafted to the same high standards established during its original manufacture, it is authentic in every detail from the 8" barrel to the blued steel frame. Truly a must-have for every Civil War buff and black powder collector!
43 months ago
The proven performance of the Vortek muzzleloader rifle packed down to pistol size. The award-winning and patent-pending Accelerator Breech Plug is as easy to unload and clean as a twist of the wrist, just three turns and it’s out. This technology virtually eliminates seized breech plugs or cumbersome removal wrenches. Select hardwood stock and forend give the shooter a comfortable sure-handed grip. The 13" ultralight tapered barrel features a corrosion-resistant Premium CeraKote finish. LPA steel sights. solid aluminum ramrod. Ambidextrous hammer extension.