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  • 308/7.62x51mm
  • PTR 91 Industries
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Caliber: 308/7.62x51mm
Capacity: 20.0000
Overall Length: 51.0000
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Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 30.0000
Overall Length: 20.0000

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3 weeks ago , by Dealer
Looking for a MP5? Can't find a HK? Don't want to pay for an HK? We might have the option for you! PTR makes the most HK variant firearms on the market, just check out the model 91 or the 32s. They have done no less than shake up the MP5 market with their 9CT. This model has great parts and features for almost half of what a true HK branded SP5 goes for. Seeing is believing, you have to handle this gun to appreciate how incredible it actually is!
7 months ago
Caliber: .308 Win - Action: Delayed Blowback Roller-Lock System - Overall length: 23 1/2 - Weight: 7.8 lb - Barrel: 8 1/8 match grade bull barrel - Magazine: 20rd - Stock: machined butt cap drilled and tapped for AR15 tube adapter - 5/8x24 flash hider H&K navy type polymer trigger group MP5 wide polymer handguard machined butt cap welded scope rail sling swivel paddle magazine release As of 11/1/15 51P PDW R's will come with 5/8x24 barrel threading Manufacturer Ptr UPC 897903002275 Width 15.6500 Length 51.0000 Height 3.7500 Weight 9.5000 Barrel Length In Inches 8.5000
62 months ago
PTR 91 Pistol PDWR Features .308 or 7.62 NATO Delayed Blowback Roller-Lock System 8.5" bull barrel 5/8x24" barrel threading Paddle Magazine Release Aluminum milled Tactical handguard OAL: 23.5" Barrel: 8.5" Weight: 8.1 lbs Comes with 1-20 Round Magazine
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