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36 months ago , by Dealer
The SR40c compact pistol comes with two magazines that provide options in both capacity and grip size. The standard magazine holds 9 rounds and features a flat bottom butt plate; a finger grip extension floor plate is also included. The second magazine features a grip adapter and holds 15 rounds, instantly transforming the smaller, compact grip into a full-sized 40S&W grip. The 3.50" barreled pistol features an integral accessory rail that accommodates most lights and lasers. This model comes with a Crimson Trace Light already mounted. *Caliber: .40 S&W *Action: Striker
41 months ago
With all the features of the popular SR9® and the award winning SR9c, the Ruger SR40® is possibly the easiest recoiling, smoothest shooting .40 on the market. Though remarkably similar in size to the popular SR9, the SR40’s custom slide design reduces recoil and slide velocity, making it more comfortable to shoot than many of its competitors.