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14 months ago , by Dealer
Introduction Buy Uberti El Patron Grizzly Paw .357 Mag 4.75" Revolver 345273 now available from Scopelist.com . Also Check entire Uberti Cartridge Revolvers available.
29 months ago
Condition: Factory New Bud's Item Number: 60231 MFG: A. Uberti Firearms
47 months ago
The Uberti Cattleman II with retractable firing pin is a breakthrough for those seeking enhanced safety with regard to original Old West revolvers without sacrificing the visual authenticity of a 1st-generation Colt. As any cowboy knows, the safest way to carry a single-action is with the hammer resting on an unloaded chamber. This is true even for the Uberti retractable firing pin design. But in the case of the Uberti design, the risk of accidental discharge is reduced: the firing pin is not locked into the firing position unless the trigger is pulled.