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4 weeks ago
Action : SA/DA Caliber : 357 Mag Barrel Length : 4" Capacity : 6 Hammer Style : Exposed Grips : Black Hogue Rubber Sights : Fixed Weight : 38 oz Frame Description : Matte Stainless Steel
4 months ago
605 357MAG BL 5SH 2 2-605021 Action double single action Barrel 2 1/4" Finish Blue Length 6.5 Safety Transfer Bar Sights Fixed Caliber 357 Magnum | 38 Special Capacity 5 SKU#: 2605021 UPC#: 725327203018
30 months ago
The First 24 system provides the necessary tools to survive in any situation. A team of industry experts selected the premium components that outfit this kit. The kit ships with a Taurus 617, Columbia River Knife, Tool Sting survival knife, HKS speed loader, Brite Strike EPLI flashlight, Brite Strike APALS, Zippo Outdoors Emergency fire starter, battery caddy, 6 AA batteries, 20mm compass, 550 survival paracord and thermal foil emergency blanket. The case is waterproof and drop-proof. UPC#: 725327611844 SKU#: 2617029F24 Bud's Item Number#: 93287
35 months ago
Made for the very serious business of self-preservation the 605 is builtto the Taurus Zero Tolerance standard in design, fabrication, fit and performance. Meaning there is simply no tolerance for parts that do not perform as if someone's life depends on them. Using the powerful .357 Magnum ammo this quick-draw revolver has plenty of muscle to back it up.Features include fixed sights, crisp single-double action trigger and atransfer bar for added safety. UPC#: 725327203018 SKU#: 2-605021 Bud's Item Number#: 31560
44 months ago
The Taurus Tracker family includes a full range of calibers and sizes to perfectly suit any hunting adventure. Chambered in .357 Magnum, these rugged, durable revolvers also make a practical choice for backpacks and tackle boxes, especially where there are bears and other predators around. Extremely comfortable to fire and easy to control - the Tracker Series continues to grow in popularity thanks to its high level of accuracy, rock-solid performance and near-indestructible construction. Features