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Stribog SP9A3 + F5 MFG HAVOC Folding/Adjustable Brace The NEW GRANDPOWER Stribog SP9A3 now with a NON-RECIPROCATING CHARGING HANDLE AND ALL NEW ROLLER DELAYED OPERATION is one of the most anticipated new guns in the USA The Stribog comes threaded with 1/2x28 tpi barrel making it simple to mount your suppressor of choice. This Deal Includes: (1) Grand Power Stribog SP9A3 Pistol (Black) with upgraded bolt and locker and flat trigger (1) F5 MFG HAVOC Folding/Adjustable Brace With Hook SKU F5-MBS-HAVOC-STRIBOG-BLK (3) Curved 30 round Mags MLOK Accessory Mounts Custom fitted hard case
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