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11 months ago
WMD NIB-X AR PSTL 556NATO 10.5" RED Specifications Product Name: WMD NIB-X AR PSTL 556NATO 10.5" RED Brand: WMD Guns UPC#: 00854839008085
13 months ago
NiB-X AR-15 Pistol Features To build an AR platform unlike any other, WMD Guns coated every exterior surface with NiB-X, an exclusive nickel boron formulation. So you get a finish that's 40% harder than chrome, and incredibly resistant to moisture, corrosion, and wear. Key internal components are coated with NiB-X to reduce friction & wear, for an action that's incomparably smooth, utterly reliable, and as close to self-cleaning as you can get.
41 months ago , by Dealer
The world’s first AR fully shielded by WMD’s proprietary NiB-X nickel boron coating process—inside and out! Lesser ARs are much more vulnerable to moisture, corrosion, lubricant buildup, and powder fouling. But the Beast from WMD is practically unstoppable, thanks to NiB-X coating technology. NiB-X not only guards against friction and wear, it virtually eliminates feeding problems associated with buildup of lubricant and residue.
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