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1 month ago , by Dealer
FOR A LIMITED TIME: This CZ Bren 2 ships with 150 rounds of Federal Lake City M855 Green Tip ammo and 3 30rd magazines for FREE.
1 month ago
Product Name: CZ Bren 2 Ms Pistol 5.56x45, 8" Chambering: 223/5.56x45 Magazine Capacity: 30 Magazine Type: AR-15/M16 Frame: Carbon Fiber-reinforced Polymer Grips: Stippled Sights: Folding adjustable Barrel Length: 8.26 in Barrel: Cold Hammer Forged Weight: 5.4 lbs Overall Length: 19.9 in Safety: Ambidextrous Manual Safety
5 months ago
CZ Bren 2Ms 5.56mm 11″ Pistol FAMILY: CZ Bren 2Ms 11″ Pistol MODEL: CZ Bren 2Ms 5.56mm 11″ Pistol TYPE: Semi-Auto Pistol FINISH: Matte Black STOCK/FRAME: Polymer Frame STOCK/GRIPS: Black Stippled SPC FEATURE: Threaded Barrel Model WEIGHT: 5.625 lbs. CALIBER/GAUGE: 5.56mm CAPACITY: 30 + 1 # OF MAGS: 2 MAGAZINE DESC: 30Rd BARREL: 11.14″ OVERALL LENGTH: 22.8″ SIGHTS: Folding Front and Rear SAFETY: Ambidextrous ADDL INFO: Piston Driven/Adj Gas Block ADDL INFO: Ambidextrous Controls
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16 months ago , by Dealer
Chambered in .223/5.5645 and using the ubiquitous STANAG magazine from the AR15/M16. Top and bottom Picatinny rails. An effective two-port muzzle brake helps keep the pistol solidly on target and reduces recoil and muzzle flip. Flip-up sights, 2 rear aperture sizes. Cold hammer forged threaded (1/2x28 TPI) barrel. Ambidextrous thumb safety. Polymer grips. Aluminum frame. SPECIFICATIONS: Firearm Type: Handgun Purpose: Home Defense Chambering: .223 Remington/5.56 NATO Magazine Capacity: 30 Magazine Type: AR-15/M16 Frame: Aluminum Grips: Polymer Sights: Flip-up, 2 r