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1 month ago
CZ-USA® Bren 2 Ms 7.62x39mm Semi-automatic Pistol Introducing the next generation of the legendary Bren. Whereas the 805 Bren was designed to a specific set of requirements set out by the Czech military, the Bren 2 is a clean-sheet design. With a bevy of changes, the most noticeable is sure to be the strict weight-loss regimen that the Bren 2 has undergone. With a trimmed-down aluminum receiver and a lower made from carbon fiber-reinforced polymer, the result is a robust but substantially lighter gun.
26 months ago , by Dealer
CZ, BREN 2, 7.62x39, 14" Barrel, Aluminum Frame, Polymer Grips, Manual Safety, Full Size, Iron Sights, 30Rd, Semi-automatic, Black Finish, SB Tactical SBA3 Brace MPN#: 91462-SBA3