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13 months ago
A 9mm 1911 Well Within Your Budget Though the 1911 was originally designed for use with the .45 ACP, more manufacturers are developing 9mm models to take advantage of this more cost-effective, popular pistol round. The Tisas Regent M9 1911 is an affordable alternative for those looking for a 9mm in this iconic design. Each Tisas Regent M9 1911 is outfitted much like a standard, Government-issue gun, with a single-action operating system and a standard-length barrel measuring 5 inches long. The gun ships with polymer grip panels and features fixed iron sights.
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18 months ago
These lovely pistols give you the opportunity to own a faithful hi-power copy. Great pistols at an amazing value. Each pistol is new in box and includes two magazines, ready to go to the range. UPC#: 000000br9-ss SKU: br9-ss