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3 days ago
Century International Arms Zastava CZ99 is an excellent semi-automatic pistol chambered in the hard-hitting 9x19mm Parabellum round. The Century Arms Zastava CZ99 is made of high-quality components using modern technology, giving shooters an excellent choice for defense and recreational shooting. The CZ99 features a fully ambidextrous slide release/decocker and magazine release, chrome-lined barrel, drop free magazines, and three-dot sights. Condition: Used Caliber: 9x19mm Action: Recoil-Operated Semi-Automatic Capacity: 15 + 1 Barrel: 4.25" Overall Length: 7.5" Weight: 34 oz.
1 week ago
Zastava HEZ9MCS ( Matte Chrome Slide ): From the world-famous Zastava Arms factory in Kragujevac, Serbia comes the EZ9 9mm semi-auto pistol. The EZ9 pistol is a modern firearm typically used as a service pistol or a personal defense gun however it is equally at home on the range. Due to its exceptional design and highly ergonomic state of the art frame, it is a favorite of shooters around the world. The Zastava factory utilizes state-of-the-art technology in all of its production and this pistol stands out with its precision accuracy and functionality.
1 month ago
Pistol M70AA Chome is an upgrade of basic model M70A. It has external safety. The design of the pistol M70A is similar to design of Soviet pistol TT, that is, model M57. The pistol is a semi-automatic weapon with a safe system of locking and triggering. 9mm Semi automatic Single Action High quality alloy steel 4.5″ Barrel 9 +1 round capacity External safety Fixed sights Polished chrome finish Weight 27.2 oz