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2 weeks ago , by Dealer
Brand new ships in the box with two magazines. STEYR L9A2 MF 9MM 4.5 The A2 MF series brings the Steyr pistol line into the modern world and beyond sporting new features and a redesigned frame. The new grip module features a re-contoured grip and the addition of modular grip panels offered in various sizes to ensure a proper fit for the smallest to largest of hands. An aggressive texture has been applied to the handle to maximize the traction of the grip. The A2 MF incorporates a flared magwell which offers a wider opening to reduce reloading time.
7 months ago
Steyr Arms M9-A1 Semi-automatic 9MM 4.5" Polymer MBl 17Rd 2 Mags Fixed Sights 39.621.2K - Steyr Mannlicher is an international leader in the firearm industry whose history began in the 17th Century. Since the beginning Steyr Mannlicher has been an innovator, designer, and manufacturer of well made firearms built for sporting, duty, and combat use. Their accolades include the venerable Wendl-Rifle Mod 1867, Mannlicher Pistol Mod 1905 as well as modern day Steyr AUG, SSG 69, HS 50, HS 460, L-A1, and S-A1. Steyr Mannlicher firearms are striking in appearance and are breathtakingly accurate.
26 months ago
Description: Pistols created since 1912, in the house of STEYR MANNLICHER, are famous all over the world for their futuristic design, superb ergonomics, absolute safety, and extraordinary precision. The new M-A1 pistol line continues this tradition, while featuring many detailed innovations. The integrated Picatinny rail, in the front of the frame, is a modern and internationally applicable solution to mount quickly and easily a variety of laser-aiming, or illumination devices. With a total weight of only 766 g, (27oz) the new M-A1 pistol is extraordinarily light.
26 months ago
Steyr Arms M9-A1 Semi-automatic 9MM 4" Polymer MBl 10Rd 2 Mags Fixed Sights 39.723.2K.10 UPC#: 688218663714 Bud's Item Number#: 411551245
32 months ago
The new M-A1 pistol is extraordinarily light. The new innovative grip offers unsurpassed ergonomics, which results in a natural point-ability. It optimally supports the natural posture of the wrist during shooting. Improved adhesion is provided by the special surface design. 9mm Parabellum Caliber • 4" BBL / 6.9" OAL • Picatinny Accessory Rail • Tri-Dot Sights • 1.2" Width • 5.4" Height • Weighs 30oz. • 2-15rd Magazines Total • Manual SKU# STY-M9A1