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1 week ago
The Strike One pistol is quite possibly the most revolutionary advancement in firearms technology in the past 100 years, featuring a new locking system that greatly lowers the bore axis of the Strike One's barrel, resulting in easier to control recoil and quick follow up shots.The locking system of the Strike One is a unique system to this pistol, and lead to several new patents.
25 months ago
The AF-2011 A1 was developed to commemorate the Centennial Anniversary of the beloved Colt 1911 A1. This extraordinary pistol not only adds a second barrel it opens a whole new world and opportunities for pistol hunters, collectors and shooting enthusiasts. This is the blued finish version with high-grade smooth walnut grips. • 5-inch slide • Double Barrel • Semi-automatic • Converted to 9mm Luger from a .38 Super caliber by the importer's master gunsmith • Fires both barrels with one pull of the trigger • 16 round magazine capacity • Adjustable sights • Weight 4.5 pounds
93 months ago
Arsenal, Inc., the premier American importer and manufacturer of Kalashnikov-pattern rifles and pistols, is proud to offer to the American enthusiast the Bulgarian-made SAM7K Pistol. This 7.62x39mm caliber pistol combines authentic, high-quality features rarely seen in the American market. Every component of the SAM7K is engineered to provide decades of dependable service. The SAM7K pistol is bound to become a sought-after shooter and collectible firearm.