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1 month ago
The FAB DefenseĀ® KPOS Scout Conversion Kit turns your Glock into a super-stable, highly modular, tack-driving SBR. It installs quickly and easily with no tools and no modifications, and adds a folding buttstock, M4-style charging, folding foregrip, and plenty of rail space for red dots and more.
32 months ago
Fab Defense KPOS Scout for Glock Gen 3/4/5 Vortex SPC-AR1 Bungee Sling FGGK - Foregrip Fab Defense SLS (Sling Swivel) Multi-height mount system T-10 Torx Wrench 7/64" Hex Wrench AAA battery Vortex Unconditional Lifetime Warranty (applies to the SPARC AR).