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8 months ago
This is a Remington model 700 short action bolt face + receiver. It is carbon steel with an externally adjustable X Mark Pro trigger.
56 months ago
Got gas? 4-Pc. Remington® 1100TM / 11-87TM Gas System Kit, SAVE BIG! You might not think of it this way usually, but fact is, firearm performance is about gas. That's where this official factory Remington® Gas System Kit comes in.The factory replacement parts that'll restore your shotgun to sharper functioning, the muzzle velocity and energy you should be getting. You get the nickel-plated piston / piston seal, and 3 Teflon® coated barrel seals (2 extras for down the road).A bang for the buck smart investment, here with savings! Get yours now! SKU#: E612M-121517