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10 months ago
Uniting three patents in one innovative design, the SlingStock Elite gives your AR-platform rifle a sling that’s always ready and never in the way. Inside the sleek polymer body is a 7-foot stretch of rugged Mil-W-4088K Type III Class 1 webbing on a retraction mechanism that puts your sling at your fingertips. Operators who prefer a single-point sling need only push the spool button and pull out as much webbing as they need.
38 months ago
The WMD Guns Nitromet Adjustable Low Profile Gas Blocks offer the same corrosion resistant coating available on their multitude of AR-15 parts. This helps lengthen the lifespan of high pressure components like the AR-15’s gas block. The .750” diameter gas block uses set screws for its mounting system and is compatible with both dimpled and non-dimpled barrels. The adjustable gas screw allows more control over gas flow in your system giving you the ability to tune your firearm for optimum performance. Made in the U.S.A. Features: - .750" internal diameter - Adjustable