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4 months ago
This Complete Pistol Frame Parts Kit is a complete parts kit compatible with the PF940C™, PF940v2™, PF940CL™, PF940SC™, G17®, G19® and G26® pistol frames. That means that this LPK will work with all P80 pistol frames, incuding their compact 19 frames and full size 17 frames. Each LPK will include two trigger shoes, both curved and flat, with the flat trigger shoe already installed on the trigger bar and all three slide lock springs, full size, compact and subcompact. Regardless of what frame size you are building, all of the parts needed will be available in 1 pistol frame parts kit!
16 months ago
The lower parts kit includes all the parts needed to finish your lower receiver build, at an excellent price. These are high quality kits, excellent machining on the triggers and other parts throughout. This kit includes the pistol grip and trigger guard. List of Components: Springs Bolt Catch Spring Buffer Retainer Spring Disconnector Spring (colored tapered end) Hammer Spring Magazine Catch Spring Front Pivot & Rear Takedown Detent Springs Safety Selector Spring Trigger Spring Pins