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1 month ago
The SI Enhanced Lower Parts Kit offers a convenient upgrade package whether you are assembling a new lower receiver or breathing new life into an existing build. This kit features Strike Industries Enhanced parts, including the bolt catch, magazine catch and button, pivot and takedown pins, and Strike's 60/90 degree ambi safety selector. NOTE: This kit does not include a grip, trigger guard, or trigger components. Kit includes: - Strike Industries Enhanced Bolt Catch - Bolt catch spring - Bolt catch plunger - Bolt catch roll pin
4 months ago
Description The Strike Industries AR-15 lower Receiver spring replacement kit includes 9 important spring that are commonly replaced or easily lost when building stripped AR-15 lower receivers. The 9-Piece kit includes spring for the bolt catch, disconnector, buffer retainer, trigger, hammer, magazine catch, selector, and two detents. Package include: – 1 x Bolt Catch Spring – 1 x Buffer Retainer Spring – 1 x Trigger Spring – 1 x Hammer Spring – 1 x Disconnector Spring – 1 x Magazine Catch Spring – 1 x Selector Spring – 2 x Detent Spring Features:
14 months ago
SKU: 1901 The Enhanced Lower parts kit offers a convenient upgrade package for the AR-15 for those looking for a complete Strike Industries solution for new builds, or to update their plain jane AR. This kit includes all the basics that you will need to build out your AR (minus grip), but with Strike Industries Enhanced lower parts where applicable. Package includes: SPRINGS: Bolt Catch Spring – easily confused with the disconnector spring disconnector spring is tapered though. Buffer Retainer Spring – second largest coil type spring in the kit.