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2 days ago
This Rock River Arms "Oh Shoot" kit contains all the AR-15 parts that you may wear out or lose, and allows you to quickly replace them to continue shooting. Don't let a lost pin or broken part ruin your range day! This 22 Piece Kit contains springs, pins, ring, and more.
3 months ago
Rock River Arms Complete Lower Parts kit W/ 2 Stage National Match Trigger
13 months ago
The Rock River Arms lower parts kit comes with everything you need to finish your AR-15 lower receiver. Every component in this lower receiver kit is Mil-Spec so it will work in any lower receiver. Whether you are building a new AR-15 rifle or setting replacement parts aside for the future in case something breaks, this RRA lower kit is the one for you. It is affordable and even comes with a trigger and pistol grip to fully finish your build. SKU: AR0120
49 months ago
Lower Receiver Parts Kit, Single Stage Trigger, Standard A2 Grip Black RETAIL SALE! Regular Retail Price $70.00. No other discounts or promos apply. Pay actual shipping and packaging costs, determined by seller at time of shipment. In my experience choosing USPS yields a very reasonable rate.
87 months ago
Rock River Arms AR-15 Two Stage Lower Receiver Parts Kit AR0120NM. The AR0120NM by Rock River Arms features their Two Stage Trigger group which generally improves accuracy by lightening and smoothing out the trigger pull. The weight of pull on these are factory set and usually around 4 1/2 to 5 pounds. The two stage trigger takes out the "unknown" point of fire from the trigger stroke. This kit also includes a basic black A2 pistol grip and it will work with any standard AR-15 lower receiver. Rock River Arms 2 Stage Lower Parts Kit AR0120NM