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CMC Triggers Complete LPK with 3.5LB Drop-In Flat Trigger CMC Triggers Complete LPK with 3.5LB Drop-In Flat Trigger
9 months ago
With roots in aerospace manufacturing, CMC is perhaps best known as the producer of the original drop-in precision trigger for the AR-15/10 platform. CMC Triggers are dedicated to crafting the finest parts and accessories for law enforcement, our military, and civilian use. The AR Lower Assembly Kit contains MIL-SPEC components, perfect for your next AR-15 build or keep one on hand for spare parts. 100% Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty! NOTE: Fire control group and pistol grip not included. Kit includes: (1) Bolt catch (1) Bolt catch plunger (1) Bolt catch roll pin
11 months ago
Looking to build the ultimate AR-15 carbine? This Mil-Spec carbine buffer tube kit from CMC Triggers comes with everything you need to attach a collapsible 6-position carbine stock to your AR. The Mil-Spec buffer tube is made from aluminum and the recoil spring is made from stainless steel. When paired with a carbine length gas system, this buffer assembly will provide exceptional reliability and durability. The enhanced buffer tube also has a lip on the bottom that extends further into the lower receiver, providing more strength to prevent it from breaking.
16 months ago
Made in the USA, and compatible with mil-spec AR-15 stocks, this kit contains all the necessary parts to mount a stock assembly onto your lower receiver. The six position buffer tube is machined from 7075 T6 aluminum to Mil-Spec dimensions with a Type III, Class II hard coat anodized finish. The buffer tube also has through drainage holes to allow water to be evacuated in submerged environments. It machined, high carbon steel castle nut and quick detach end plate are heat treated for extra strength and given a nitride finish for durability and corrosion resistance.
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38 months ago
1. Bolt Catch 2. Bolt Catch Plunger 3. Bolt Catch Spring 4. Bolt Catch Roll Pin 5. Mag Release 6. Mag Release Button 7. Mag Release Spring 8. Buffer Retainer Spring 9. Safety 10. Buffer Retainer 11. Safety Detent Spring 12. Safety Detent 13. Trigger Guard 14. Trigger Guard Roll Pin 15. Takedown Detent Springs 16. Takedown Detents 17. Takedown Pins