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9 months ago
When you're modifying your AR platform, you'll probably look at a variety of gun parts before you ever think about Charging Handles. But you shouldn't overlook it. True, the charging handle is not the sexiest thing on the rifle, but it is the part that gets things going. Pull back on, slingshot, and you're ready to go. It's also one of those parts where you can spend a lot or a little on and notice only a slight difference. That's where TRYBE Defense really shines.
9 months ago
If you already have your stripped upper receiver, then all you need is the little stuff! TRYBE Defense has you covered with this basic upper parts kit that includes a Mil-spec Dust Cover Kit, Milspec Forward assist kit, and Mil Spec Charging Handle. Get it done right with TRYBE Defense! Specifications for TRYBE Defense AR-15 Basic Upper Parts Kit w/ Mil-Spec Dust Cover & Forward Assist & Charging Handle Kits: Color: Black Finish: Anodized Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO Gun Model: AR-15 Additional Features: Mil-Spec Dust Cover & Mil-Spec Forward Assist & Charging Handle Kits
21 months ago
RECENTLY REDESIGNED TO CONFORM WITH SIG SAUER'S LATEST UPDATES TO ALL MCX PLATFORMS, INCLUDING THE RATTLER AND VIRTUS, the TRYBE Defense Ambidextrous Charging Handle for Sig Sauer MCX is what you will be wanting for a smooth and reliable charge, every time! Offering a tactical feel and sturdy pull that you can count on in any scenario, this hard coat anodized mil-spec charging handle is the perfect companion for a day at the range or out in the field.