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13 months ago
Description Your charging handle may not seem important until you you need to run your rifle in a hurry. The VLTOR charging handle combines a host of upgrades over the original AR-15 / M4 charging handle. From a redesigned pivot that transfers force into the body instead of a small roll pin, to a beefed up 7075-T6 aluminum body, this durable charging handle will outlast the competition. Add in a medium length latch optimized for fast manipulation and you’ll never be satisfied with OEM charging handles again. Features: - Mod 5 small latch - High strength 7075-T6 aluminum
19 months ago
After a years-long stint in legal and logistical purgatory, the best-selling charging handle of the past decade has made its return. Previously licensed and distributed by BCM as the original GUNFIGHTER Charging Handle, VLTORs patented design is back on the market. Its the same exact charging handle design youve known and loved since 2009, simply re-released under strictly our own moniker.