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5 months ago
Replace or upgrade your current AR15 charging handle in one easy step. The complete XCH makes charging your AR easier than ever. Large scopes or thick gloves can create a challenge when charging your rifle. Our extended latch, with its ergonomic design, allows for faster and smoother operation of the charging handle. Specifications and Features Ergonomic design for easy gripping Made from 7075 Billet Aluminum Blue Latch Matte Black Finish ARR-933-107 857116007658 ACC-CH-XCH-AR15-BLU
13 months ago
Description ODIN Works is an innovative group creating and manufacturing high-quality AR-15 products and accessories. They bring their experience and knowledge to the consumer through progressive design and technology. The Diverge Extended Charging Handle for AR-15 rifles features an ergonomic design with a large area and wide handle for easy gripping. The latch aids in charging rifles equipped with large scopes or with gloved hands, allowing faster, smoother operation of the charging handle. The multi-channel design helps to divert gas, oil, and debris away from the shooter’s face.
16 months ago
Description The correct charging handle can help you operate that AR faster. With optics on your AR, it can be hard to get a good grip on the charging handle, depending on how far back your scope is set on your rifle. It can also be difficult to grab the charging handle if you are wearing gloves, if you are in a wet environment, or both. Multiple aspects of the build come into play, but the ODIN Works Extended Latch Charging Handle provides a stellar solution to these difficulties. Features: