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22 months ago
The Indian Creek Design BFD (Blast Forwarding Device) is unique and unmatched in its ability to allow the user to utilize virtually ANY muzzle device, from today's most popular muzzle brakes to the venerable A2 flash hider, and still be able to re-direct concussive forces that occur downrange.
29 months ago
Linear Compensator- -Steel W/Manganese phosphate coating -1/2x28 Threading for .223/5.56mm barrels (5/8x24 also available for $29.99)
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Digital's AR Products 1465
49 months ago
This titanium three prong is just the ticket for performance and looks - not to mention light weight! Made right here in Salt Lake City, Utah by a world renowned titanium manufacture on Swiss 7 axis machinery, it is threaded at 1/2x28 and will fit right onto your AR-15, M6, M4, AR180 and any other 5.56 or .22 barrel threaded in 1/2x28 TPI. It is made out of type 6 titanium.
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Delta Team Tactical 1627