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9 months ago , by Dealer
- Check out other top performing Brakes and Blowout Prices - - Alloy | 4140 CMV Stress Relieved - Profile  | Compensation - Muzzle Control - Accuracy | Very Good - Gas Porting  | Very Good - Muzzle Rise | Excellent - Flash Suppression | Average - Sound Signature | Modest - Back Pressure | Low - Finish | Melonite / QPQ Nitride - Weight  | 4.18 oz. - Crown  | 11 Degree Precision - Dims  | 2.856" L x .863" Flats x 0.949" Ridge CRUSH WASHERS AVAILABLE MD-0817824 Vendor: CTS
11 months ago , by Dealer
SEE OTHER TOP PERFORMING CAN BRAKES The 223 Hog Nose Linear Flash Can is Excellent for SBR or CQB applications. The Hog Nose  Flash Can is Designed to direct muzzle blast forward down range and away from you and your by standers ears, and also designed to enhance the rifle's appearance . This device does not reduce flash signature nor does it reduce noise decibels.     PROUDLY MADE IN USA  - Alloy | 7075 T6 Alcoa Aluminum - Function  |  SBR / Blast Redirection   - Accuracy | Very Good
14 months ago
3 piece can brake is based off of the original Russian Krinkov design, is designed to increase reliability in short barreled rifles & pistols by increasing back pressure. Also, the directs the muzzle blast forward of the shooter which alleviates most of the discomfort when firing the AR-15 Pistol or SBR. The Screaming Banshee is in essence a suppressor with 1 baffle and an open conical face, it does not suppress sound but it does suppress flash and directs all concussion down range at a 20 degree angle.
16 months ago
The Manus Comp's 9 Axial ports redirect the blast in an extremely effective Hex Shaped Stabilizing Star Pattern.  The results are very fast follow-up shots with your sights tracking in a clean predictable pattern, without disturbing your view of your target. Recoil is also reduced significantly without the use of reverse angles, and unwanted rearward blast. Note your grendel barrel must be 5/8x24 thread in order for this to fit please verify.. FEATURES:  - Caliber - .308/7.62/6.5 Grendel - Length - 2.87” long, - Diameter - .996”
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44 months ago , by Dealer
This over-sized fake suppressor threads onto your barrel and the shroud covers part of the exposed barel. Due to the weight of the muzzle brake, it reduces muzzle rise on your rifle allowing for more precision and better follow up shots. It measures 5 3/4" and slips over your barrel covering the front of the barrel, once fully slipped over the barrel, it lines up flush with the end of the muzzle. This allows you to have the shortest possible legal 16" rifle setup and a spec-op tactical look at the same time. Features and Specs: CNC Machined High Quality Billet Aluminum
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64 months ago , by Dealer
Stainless Steel Finish, solid precision machined construction. The AR muzzle brake will reduce recoil & climb which will improve shooting and control. This design reduces recoil, muzzle blast and concussion from the shooters position. Large, flat interior baffle surfaces allow the bullet to pass through while redirecting the rapidly expanding gas to the sides and slightly forward through the Delta and square cut side vents to create forward thrust that counteracts bullet recoil. The higher the pressure, the more counteracting force the comp actually provides.
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